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Music, Yoga, and creativity are essential in daily life and it has become an essential aspect of my work as an occupational therapist.  Music is a communication of the heart - it breaks all barriers.  It helps us connect with our emotions and quiet the mind.  Yoga helps us Tune in with our breath, body, and develop a deeper connection and higher understanding regarding the Self, others, and in life. 
Several non-verbal children I've worked with were talking by the end of a school year, integrating live instruments and singing into our sessions.  Adults with acute schizophrenia have learned to play piano in a way that was attainable to them,  feeling a renewed sense of mental health and joy. Integrating Yoga into therapy brings good results, helping us tune in with the breath. Having witnessed the immense healing properties of yoga and music, I am dedicated to using these modalities as a methods of healing, helping children and adults with autism and other disorders.  
I'd like to offer my 20+ years of services as an Occupational Therapist to those who need the support. I have worked with persons of all ages, most notably children with severe autism and adults with schizophrenia. I am available for online consulting, parent education, and music education for those who have difficulty focusing otherwise.

"Richman’s mission to bring inspiration and healing through the arts speaks for itself. She currently lectures regularly at Columbia University about autism rehabilitation, educating future occupational therapists about the benefits of using music and meaningful activity as healing modalities. Jennifer has helped to create numerous publications to improve mental health for students across the country as an active member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, currently directs music programs for adults as a Senior Occupational Therapist at New York State Psychiatric Institute, and works with children on the autism spectrum at a preschool in Brooklyn, New York."


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This interview will start promptly at 12:30pm Central and log in information will be sent a week prior to the event as well as a request for content you would like to specifically address in this conversation as well as links to your products.


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